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Citrus County Florida Manatees – Nature at its best!

Citrus County Florida Manatees – Nature at its best!

Citrus County is famous for being home to the endangered West Indian Manatee. For decades people from around the world have traveled to Crystal River Florida information to see these enchanting mammals. The manatee also known as the sea cow is one of the most captivating and easily recognizable species on the planet.

West Indian Manatee Crystal river

West Indian Manatee

Citrus County   has seven main rivers, some of which are spring-fed, and ultimately drain into the Gulf of Mexico. Cool spring water provides a seemingly endless supply of fresh water from the Crystal River, Homosassa River, Chassahowitzka River, and their tributaries. There are literally hundreds of fresh water springs which maintain a year-round fresh water temperature of 72 degrees. The 30 largest springs along, pump 600 million gallons of water daily. Attracted to these warm waters, the West Indian Manatees make their home here in winter. Crystal River offers one of best locations to see and interact with the Florida manatee

Out largest tourist attraction is Three Sisters Springs, a beautiful natural manatee sanctuary in Crystal River, Florida. Three Sisters Springs is a complex of three main spring areas surround by native vegetation. These springs help feed Kings Bay which is the headwaters of Crystal River.  As with the other natural springs in the area the water maintains a temperature of 72 degrees year round making this a major winter herding place for the endangered Florida Manatee which depended on its warm water for their survival. The springs are a protected, natural wildlife refuge that is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The park is open to the public. The springs are nearly surrounded by a wooden boardwalk which gives our visitors different views that showcase the springs and the manatees. Throughout the walk you will notice bubbles coming up from the waters and then a nose peeking through. This is the manatees coming to the surface for a breath of air.

During the winter months the manatees congregate at the springs to enjoy the warm waters. It is crucial for the survival of the manatees to stay in waters with a temperature higher than sixty eight degrees. With the crystal clear, warm spring waters and the rich vegetation around the springs it is an ideal location for the manatees to breed and give birth.

 West Indian Manatee in Crystal River Florida

West Indian Manatee

Another fun option is a visit to the Homosassa Springs Park. Visitors can see West Indian manatees every day of the year from the park’s underwater observatory in the main spring. Manatee programs are offered three times daily. Homosassa is also know as the tarpon capitol of the world of the world.

If just seeing the manatees from land is not fulfilling enough for you, you may choose to get a closer look by taking a swim with the manatees.  The visibility is typically crystal clear. Unlike other areas of Florida, the Federal Government allows for “passive observation” in the water, between manatees and people. The giant size of the manatees can be very intimidating to a person that is unaware of their gentle ways. The manatees are known as gentle giants. They are virtually harmless. They just spend their days swimming though the waters eating vegetation. Your tour guide will give you specific information on how to get the best manatee experience during your visit.

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